About Us


Who are the Kilter Crusaders? We are a cult of personality focused on sharing health and wellness information with the world. We are not looking for personal glorification, our aim is to allow the glory to shine through you. We believe there is a wealth of knowledge to help everyone live healthier longer. We want to start the conversations, and to open your perceptions about how to learn to Live Amazing.


KC JenelleLeading our Crusade

Hey everyone, I'm Jenelle! I am foremost a wife, and a mom of 4 children. I can't really say "kids" anymore as 1 is a college graduate, 1 is a rising sophomore in college, and 2 are about to be seniors in high school. I have decades of experience in being an advocate for our family's health and well being. I have spent endless hours researching different health issues not only for ourselves, but for our extended family and friends too. What I learn I want to share with everyone! It is my belief that personal wellness is a responsibility to oneself;
however, given the daily demands in life it is not always easily achieved. I decided to start
Kilter Crusaders because I noticed many friends researching similar topics as I, and I felt it would be much more productive to have a central location to access that information. I would love to hear from you and your experiences, so please email me or comment on our posts!


Have you met Russell?
Russell is not only my husband and father to our 4 children, but he is Kilter Crusaders' tech-of-all-things guy. Russell has a passion to learn new things. Whether it is in the computer world (developing cutting edge IT tools) or a new hobby, Russell jumps in with both feet and comes out an expert in the field. After a lifelong of trying different things he seems to have found his groove in triathlons. Russell's inspirational story can be read on our blog page.


Why Shaklee?
I get asked this question a Lot. And the answer, for me, is simple. Shaklee transformed my health. Throughout my life, I have had recurring sinus, allergy, and digestive troubles. Last year, 2015, was by far the worst. Medical bills accumulated until finally the doctor gave a diagnosis of out of whack intestinal bacteria. I was told to eat this, and not that. I lost 30 pounds in 3 months and felt a little better. But, was still feeling off kilter. I did what I do best, and researched for a solution. After several trial and errors, I remembered a friend who sold Shaklee products. I searched for hours about the company and the products, and decided to make the investment for my health. After only 3 months of using the products, I had lost another 8 pounds but more exciting was the amount of energy I now had to go out and DO things with our children and friends. And even more impressive, was being able to stop using prescriptions for allergies, no more statins for high cholesterol, and after 25 years I was able to stop using a daily corticosteroid as a preventative for asthma! If you think the thing I have researched and learned could help you with your health and well being, email me at jenelle@kiltercrusaders.com

You can learn more about Shaklee here