Back to School Countdown

Today we say goodbye to July, and hello to August.  Bittersweet, really.  Somehow, the month of August beckons even the most reluctant to accept the reality that  the start of school is only a few weeks away. This weekend’s opening of Bad Moms  had me reminiscing back to when I was a child and my mom (and other single adult women of our neighborhood) would laugh and laugh about Harper Valley PTA.  One thing has been consistent through the decades- moms trying to do their best with what life has thrown at them.

I have clocked more than my fair share of PTA/Band/Swim/Dive/Choir/Girl Scouts/Cross Country/Music/Dance/Soccer/Baseball/Football/Cheerleading, and other volunteer hours. By the time my twins made it middle school I was doing the happy dance. Another mom whose youngest was also in middle school came up with a new group we could reference when asked to volunteer. “MGIV” Mothers Golfing Instead of Volunteering.  Yes, we would actually say “oh no, sorry, I’m not available that day. I have an MGIV meeting.” And we would go to the driving range, and occasionally actually play a round of golf. It didn’t last long, but that year of not volunteering for every event was something I think my entire family needed from me at that time.  I can say with sincerity today, looking back at all the volunteering over the years, I am glad I did what I could while they were little.  To hear my kids and their friends talk about all the fun times they’ve had, it makes it all worth it.

Tip of the Day

What I learned in the year while I was hitting golf balls instead of volunteering:

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