Back to School Countdown

Heelllloooo August! When used an adjective, August means “inspiring reverence or admiration, of supreme dignity or grandeur, majestic.”  Very apropos, I think, to have the start of the school year in August.  Sure, the farmers like to say it was based on the crop seasons, but who are they kidding? 😉
Not only do most parents revel sending their littles off at the start of school; we also bow to the honorable teachers.  Teachers molding the future of our world, 30 brains at a time. It’s not a simple task, being a teacher. Caring for each student, rooting for their success, and hoping a tidbit of some one thing you say or do will stick with the child for the rest of their life. People don’t go into teaching with the thought of becoming rich in worldly possessions. People choose to go into teaching with the thought of making the world rich with good people.

So, hats off to all our good, and noble teachers. May the year ahead, be the year of your dreams!


Fun Fact

What do  Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Dave Thomas, David Green, Larry Ellison, Kevin Rose, Michael Dell, and Rachel Ray all have in common? None of them finished college. Lesson to learn? A determined person always finds a way to succeed.

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