Back to School Countdown

Sometimes all it takes is a smile! To make a new friend; to make someone’s day; to show kindness to strangers.  Starting new to school, or even going back to school, can be very stressful for everyone.  The struggle to make friends, and the emotions which accompany the task, can be very confusing.  Use to be you could share a snack but with so many food allergies these days it is no longer acceptable to share food.  Actually speaking to somebody new can be difficult and confusing too. (How many times have you told your child “don’t talk to strangers”?) So, to take some of the stress off your child recommend they “share a smile” instead. From birth we have been instilled to associate a smile with kindness and love, so it is only fitting we start new friendships with the same action.


Fun Fact

Top 10 Reasons to Share a Smile:

10) Those who smile live longer.
9) You are more likely to get a promotion if you always smile.
8) There are 19 types of smiles.
7) It makes you sound friendly.
6) People tend to smile more around others.
5) Newborns are able to smile.
4) Smiling is the universal sign for happiness.
3) Smiling is contagious.
2) You feel better when you smile.
1)Smiling boosts your immune system.

Tip of the Day

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