Back to School Countdown – day 25

Kids love to countdown to Christmas. Parents Love to countdown to Back to School! Over the next 25 days Kilter Crusaders will be posting a tip every few days on how to make #BTS16 the best one on the books.

Fun Fact

There are ~180 instructional days during the school year, and ~80 days off for summer break.  That means there are about 90 days off during the school year. Hey, if we can count weekends for summer break then they can count as days off during the school year too!


Tip of the Day

Honestly, most kids and parents are probably not really ready for summer to be over just yet. (Unless, they attend a year round school; then they’re probably starting session any day now.) Our tip for today is to ask your child about their favorite school memory. Actively listen, ask questions, get them to use adjectives of how they felt, what they smelled, and a simile for colors.  Adding these simple steps into your daily routine will help your child get excited about Back to School.

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