Healthy Weight

Shaklee 180® is a revolutionary program with meal replacements, support and tools to help you not only lose weight but learn how to keep it off. Powered by Leucine® to help you retain muscle and lose fat.


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Burn fat, not muscle

The problem with conventional diets is that you lose muscle along with fat, which can slow down your metabolism and making it easier to regain weight. Different from anything you've tried before, the Shaklee 180® Program is Powered by Leucine®— an essential amino acid—and is designed so nearly every pound you shed is fat*, so you can lose inches.


Tools & Support

A comprehensive program that provides all the tools and support to teach you healthy habits for the rest of your life. Every step of the program will support you with healthful tips, expert advice, delicious recipes and exercises. The Shaklee 180 Fitness program was developed by Shaklee's Pure Performance Team Athletes to provide cardiovascular and strength training for any fitness level with flexibility to adapt to your changing fitness goals.

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Success Stories

Jacqui McCoy, record-setting contestant on Extreme Weight Loss, learned that it was important to lose weight the right way. Shaklee 180® helped her find the right approach and, along the way, happiness. Watch here how Shaklee helped turn her life around.

Aaron Gottschalk lost 75 pounds, while still in high school, following the Shaklee 180® plan.  Watch here how Shaklee helped turn a bullied teen into a multi-talented young man.

When Dan's check-up didn't go so well, Janeen decided it was time for a change--not just in their diet, but their lifestyle. Watch here how Shaklee helped their entire family live a healthier lifesytle.

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