Non-profit Fundraising Made Easy

Imagine your non-profit organization generating a consistent revenue stream….Providing financial stability so your staff and volunteers could focus on your core mission, delivery of programs and services, and raising awareness – instead of fundraising.

Shaklee Fundraising enables us to help nonprofit organizations raise funds and awareness for their worthy causes by allowing the organizations to raise money by operating their own Shaklee distributorship.

It’s no secret that fundraising and nonprofit income have been significantly impacted by the current economy. Funding sources from corporate sponsorships, foundation grants, and individual donations have declined, portfolios have dipped and yet the need for services is on the rise. The old ways of generating revenue just aren’t working today, or not as well as they used to. How prepared is your non-profit to endure these changes? Does your non-profit have an alternative plan for diversifying your revenue stream? What can your non-profit do to move toward more financial sustainability?

Our program is called “Cause Marketing”, and it isn’t new. Everywhere we shop, these kinds of programs are facing us- at the store checkout counters, many consumer products we purchase, golf outings, and so on, all supporting a cause.  What if your non-profit could not only generate sustainable revenue, but you could also support products with sustainable ingredients that don’t harm the planet, and help a family’s health in many ways? Shaklee offers over 300 product choices, all which have been designed to improve health, work without compromise, be gentle on the planet. And to back it up, your consumers will enjoy an unconditional money-back guarantee. So, there is nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Total satisfaction guaranteed!


Shaklee – A Company Your Nonprofit Can Believe In

Shaklee continues to join forces with people who care about the planet enough to create movements of change. Shaklee planted a million trees in partnership with the GREEN BELT MOVEMENT, founded by 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Wangari Maathai.
Our sponsorship of noted Artic explorer, Will Steger, spans 20 years and has helped contribute to the world’s knowledge of the impact of global warming.
Of Time-Life’s book 25 Greatest Adventures of All Times, seven were powered by Shaklee products.
World class athletes who use Shaklee products have won a combined 120 Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals at the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

The Shaklee Difference is what sets us apart – the products are “Always Safe” – they “Always Work” – and they are “Always Green”.

  • Shaklee guarantees unconditional safety of its products
  • Shaklee guarantees the effectiveness of its products
  • Shaklee leads the environmental movement by example

What organizations can qualify to participate in Shaklee Fundraising?

  1. Nonprofit or tax-exempt organizations which can provide Shaklee with documentation of their tax-exempt status.
  2. This includes charitable organizations, religious organizations,  educational organizations both private and public, fraternal organizations and other non-profit and/or tax exempt organizations.

What’s different about Shaklee Fundraising?

Why would you want to partner with Shaklee for your fundraising program? Here are a few good reasons to consider:

  1. You pay nothing to take part in the program.
  2. Shaklee gives you, at no cost, a Web site that is yours to function as a secure online store for your membership to purchase directly from you.
  3. Shaklee fulfills the orders, the shipping and the satisfaction guarantee.
  4. You have a Shaklee sponsor who helps you with your fundraising effort by educating your membership, working with you to set up your secure virtual store, and showing you how to keep track of your progress.

At Shaklee, we skip all those high-priced middle men and go directly to the consumer through you. We don’t advertise, we rely on word of mouth referrals. So, when your organization promotes the products to your membership, and they buy from your secure online store, the non-profit benefits by being paid directly by Shaklee.

Redirect Spending

Your members and friends of the organization purchase Shaklee products directly from your secure online store on your Personal Website provided by Shaklee. They can also call 1-800-shaklee customer service to order products. The amount raised each month depends on the volume of purchases. Research shows that the average household spends about $100 or more a month on personal care, household, and laundry care products and health products such as vitamins, snack bars, and breakfast shakes. Your members and friends of the non-profit, simply redirect their spending to Shaklee quality products, using the same dollars they would be spending at the store.

As a non-profit, you qualify for a special price from Shaklee and you receive the price difference between the price your membership pays and the price you qualify for. The average price differential for the entire line of Shaklee products ranges from 16% – 30%. All prices are published so you can calculate the difference yourself. Shaklee pays you the price difference each month based on the orders placed under your account.

Earn Bonuses

You also earn bonuses based on the total volume of products purchased. To calculate the bonus, the dollar amount of the purchase is translated into “purchase points” in the Shaklee system, called PV (point value). For each order placed on your secure online store, or called into 1-800-shaklee, the PV for that order is shown at the time of purchase. The bonus earnings increase as PV volume increases.

Safeguard your Non-Profit Status

If the program is operated entirely by volunteers, and not with paid staff, then the income from the program will not affect a nonprofit’s entity tax exempt status. We still strongly recommend that you review the program with your own tax advisor. Just know we value your nonprofit status and want to see you protect it.

Your Commitment

Your commitment is critical if the program is to work. We’ll work together to submit the nonprofit paperwork to confirm your qualification with Shaklee. Once the go-ahead is received from Shaklee, we’ll help set up your free, secure, online store.  Your group promotes the program to people you have a relationship with through email, newsletters, postings and meetings. If you already have a website for your non-profit, be sure to link to your online store with the encouragement to try the products. Emphasize that the products are backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

Shaklee’s Commitment

Shaklee is committed to your success. Shaklee handles record keeping, and earnings calculations, and payment to you. You are able to review comprehensive transaction information at a password-protected area of the WebSite. It’s your Shaklee back office. Complete transparency is provided so you know exactly what is going on, 24/7. Your qualified Shaklee upline will work closely with you to ensure everything works smoothly.

A Win-Win for Everyone!

Shaklee is proud to offer a solution that makes it possible for your organization to achieve ongoing, sustainable funding to help ensure continued availability of your services. We believe this is a positive program that allows everyone to win. Together, we can make a difference in our communities and our world. Thanks for taking time to learn more about the Shaklee Fundraising Opportunity. For more information, or to begin your Shaklee Fundraising Opportunity, please contact me, your qualified Shaklee Distributor.