Shaklee Integrated Wellness Program ™ (SIWP)

What Is The Shaklee Integrated Wellness Program™?

It is a comprehensive wellness program that provides studio owners, fitness instructors, and other small business owners with the education, tools, and support they need to help create awareness and education among their existing and future clients regarding:
Shaklee Life Plan is the result of the foremost scientific research
and decades of studies, designed to bring you the essential nutrients for a healthy life.
Lose the right kind of weight. Shaklee 180® is a revolutionary weight-loss
and weight-management program with products designed to help you lose fat not muscle.
Products that help support healthy digestive function and get your eating habits back on track or used as a pre-weight loss cleansing

Products that help athletes perform their best before, during, and after workouts.

How Can the Program Help Retain Clients?

In the fitness industry, clients tend to move around from one studio to another.
Also, some may move out of town. Once this happens, the studio owners or trainers lose their clients.
Once a client begins consuming Shaklee products and becomes a Shaklee member, the studio owner or trainer will continue to receive an income stream as long as the Shaklee member continues to purchase product—it does not matter if they move to another studio, change trainers, or move out of town or state.
The results clients can achieve while using Shaklee products may be greater than results with exercise alone. Therefore, the better the results, more people notice, and the bigger opportunity for new referrals. In turn, this can increase the studio owner or trainer’s client base.

How Does the Shaklee Business Work?

This quick video explains it all!

Have questions? Want more information? Contact me now and we can go over the finer details of how Shaklee can help you grow your business.